Child Support

Did you know child support is calculated according to a mathematical formula? Child support is based on the combined net monthly income of the parents. Net monthly income is calculated after the parties exchange financial affidavits and financial records to support the numbers on their affidavit. Arriving at net monthly income can be difficult for a non-lawyer, yet it is very important to calculate that number correctly.

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There are NO winners in a divorce. The dissolution of a marriage is hard on everyone involved, and exceptionally difficult for the children. Untangling your life from that of your ex without destroying a family is never easy. What are reasonable expectations for a settlement if you have been married for an extended period of time? There are so many decisions and agreements that must be made, and it is common for the parties to disagree on at least some of the issues. Disagreements are expensive to unravel. Always balance your position with the price you will pay to litigate. Think with your head and not with your emotions. Are you willing to spend your children’s college fund on a divorce? Will it be worth it in the long run?

I am a small law firm that is passionate about the work I do. My team is dedicated to helping families through this most difficult time in the best way I know how. While I am certainly capable of fighting tenaciously on your behalf, I will do my best to help you through your divorce without contentious legal battles. Effective negotiation and smart legal work should resolve many issues, leaving litigation as a last resort. I will strive to guide you through your divorce while avoiding conflict as much as possible.

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Legal Assistance Establishing or Dis-establishing Paternity

When two married people have a child, the mother and the father in the marriage are the “legal” parents of the child. But when two unmarried people have a child, several issues arise. Did you know the law grants the biological mother “natural” guardianship of a child born out of wedlock and the father must obtain a court order to exercise time-sharing? What about getting financial help if a “biological” father refuses to pay support?

Whether you are a mother seeking child support or a father who wants access to your child, paternity of your child should be legally established.

My law firm works with mothers and fathers throughout Brevard County to establish paternity, time-sharing, identify parenting roles and to calculate and collect child support. I can handle the legal issues you face. I understand how frustrating it can be to run up against roadblocks (financially and emotionally) when you are trying to take care of your child. But no matter how sure you are of who the father is, you will need to legally establish paternity to get what you need. I am here to help you through this process. Please get in touch with me today to discuss your paternity case.

Temporary Custody by a Relative

Life can be complicated. There are times when a parent cannot care for a child. A good parent should recognize their limitations and abilities and ALWAYS decide what is best for the child. Addiction problems, recovery challenges, medical issues, military deployment, etc., can interfere with a parent’s ability to care for a child.

Temporary custody by a relative allows a parent to transfer custody to another loving family member who can undertake parenting responsibilities TEMPORARILY, without relinquishing parental rights. Depending on the circumstances, grandparents, aunts, uncles and other extended family may need to take care of a child for some time, which can be difficult if they do not have legal custody of the child. Schooling, healthcare and obtaining benefits for children is hard when a caretaker does not have legal custody.

My firm works with families to establish temporary custody so that relatives can properly care for children. No matter what the situation is that has led to you needing to take custody, the fact remains that you can only give the best care if you have legal custody. Florida law can be complicated. Fortunately, you do not have to go through this alone. My legal team will help you not only establish custody, but also to take care of all other legal issues surrounding the care of the child.
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Modifying Court Orders

The court orders established during your divorce are legally binding, which means you need to follow them to the letter to avoid trouble moving forward. But what happens when your circumstances change? You may lose your job, need to move to another state, get married, have more children, etc. Your life goes on, but sometimes the court orders that affect you – like child support, spousal support, visitation agreements – no longer work with your new situation.

Fortunately, you have the option of requesting modifications to existing court orders. You can do so by a written agreement to modify the order which has been approved by the court. If you can demonstrate to the court that your situation has changed significantly and that the existing order is no longer fair or manageable, there is a good chance that the court will modify it.

My firm works with clients from all walks of life to seek modifications. Whether you have lost your job and can no longer afford child support, or you have started making more money and are worried about needing to pay more child support, I can answer your questions and help you understand your options. Once you have a clear idea of what you can and cannot do, I can help you take action to seek modifications as necessary – or fight back against modification requests.

Wage Deduction Orders

Wage deduction orders, also known as wage garnishments, are orders to an employer to retain a portion of a person’s wages to pay debts. In the world of family law, wage deduction orders are usually related to child support. When a parent fails to keep up with child support payments for an extended period of time, the court may issue a wage deduction order to obtain the support.

My firm has worked with clients on both sides of the aisle when it comes to wage deduction orders. I have helped parents who continuously struggle to get the child support payments they are owed to speak to the court and seek a wage deduction order. I have also worked with parents who are on the receiving end of such an order, and who believe that the order is unwarranted. Whatever your circumstances, you can depend on me to listen to your story and do what I can to set the situation straight.

If you are having trouble getting your ex to pay child support, or if you have been hit with a wage deduction order that you feel is unfair, please get in touch with my firm. I am ready and waiting to put my legal experience to work for you.

Dept. of Revenue – Child Support Enforcement

When the judge lays down a court order to pay child support, your ex is supposed to pay the amount ordered – on-time and in-full. But no matter how legally binding the court order is, if your ex makes the decision to not pay, there is little that you can do about it initially. You cannot just call the police and have them pay a visit to your ex, for instance. Enforcing child support is more complex, and takes more time, than most people realize.

You have every right to the child support you are owed. My firm is a serious advocate for parents and guardians that are not getting the money that they are supposed to be getting. Whatever the circumstances of the person not paying, something needs to be done to remedy the situation.

I have extensive experience with child support enforcement, experience I am ready to put to work for you. Understand, it may take some time and effort to get the payments coming, but it is effort well-spent. I may be able to get wage garnishments on your ex’s pay, so your payments come before they ever get into the hands of your ex.

If you are not receiving child support payments, please contact my firm immediately. Once I understand your situation, we can make the law work to your advantage.

Time Sharing

The time-sharing and visitation arrangements between parents are a key issue in any divorce with children or paternity matter. Ideally, you and the other parent can agree to how you will share custody and arrange visitation. The more you can agree, the less expensive and emotionally draining your case will be.

Unfortunately, not every set of parents can come together on visitation agreements. When you simply cannot agree, it will be left up to the court to decide. As your law firm, I will do everything we can to resolve visitation issues before going to court – to save you time and money. But if arguing in front of judge is required, you can expect me to fight hard on your behalf. I want what is best for you and your children, and I will work diligently to get it.

The court always wants what is best for the children. It is my job to help the court understand that time with you is a necessity. Whether you want equal time, or just regular access to your children, I will do my best to see that the court decides in your favor.

If you are getting divorced or are the biological father of a child born out of wedlock and are worried about having time with your child, please contact my firm. I am here to be your advocate and to keep you in your child’s life.

Parenting Plans

Florida family law courts always base decisions on what is best for the children. In recent years, there has been an effort to ensure that both parents are as involved in the lives of each child as much as possible, which is why in many cases parents will both be given substantial time-sharing with the children. It is rare for one parent to be given sole custody, unless one parent can be shown to be unfit to parent the child.

Because custody is shared, it is necessary to come up with a parenting plan that dictates who is responsible for what in the child’s life. My firm has extensive experience in drafting parenting plans, and I would be glad to assist you with yours. I understand how important your children are to you, and I want to use my training and resources to ensure that your relationship with your children is kept intact.

Contact my firm now to discuss your parenting plan. I look forward to assisting you in any way we can.

Bankruptcy: Chapter 7 and Chapter 13

Clients are often overwhelmed by their financial crisis. They seek legal advice at the point where there are no alternatives. They have struggled to handle their situation alone. We recommend getting a consultation early. The first appointment may be informational only, BUT why not maximize your financial future by making the bankruptcy laws work for you to obtain the maximum benefit for you. Initially, you fashion a sound legal strategy, craft a roadmap for your future financial success. You will most likely need to make a few changes in your finances and in your life (but you are in charge of those changes). I will work out a game plan with you. Many clients do not file immediately. They put their plan into action prior to filing, restructure, and maximize the relief available under the bankruptcy laws.

No client should file until they completely understand their options. I am a small family-oriented firm and can assist clients on a personal basis with compassion, understanding and sound advice. Have the courage to take the first step. Let mt guide you toward logical decisions tailored to your specific situation